Back to Georgia

With Melissa Potter, I am returning to the Republic of Georgia for part 2 of our Soros funded project, Crafting Women’s Stories: Lives in Georgian Felt. We will be working with Women of Georgia, to create large scale felt banners with slogans that raise consciousness about women’s issues of health, economic security and well being602833_493743833995491_1661185002_n.

This is one of the banners, being carried during the first International Women’s Day March ever held in Tbilisi,  made by Melissa Potter and Ida Bakhturidze in January during our first workshops. Stay tuned, and please follow felt reports for the latest updates!


A New Blog

I’ve started new blog, What’s Your Baby? Visitors are invited to share their ‘baby’ : their passion, dream. Part of What’s Your Baby?, an installation that will be at The Fountains Foundation 916 that will be up soon!gilded baby box WEB 2 Please stop by and share your passion!