What’s Your Baby? Essay by Jessica Cochran


I am honored that curator Jessica Cochran wrote a beautiful essay about my installation, What’s Your Baby? at the Fountains Foundation 916. You can download a copy here.The exhibition will be up for a few more weeks

What’s Your Baby?, is also an interactive blog about childlessness and women without children. Please share your baby with us!

What’s Your Baby? at the Fountains Foundation 916


What’s Your Baby? is on view at the Fountains Foundation 916, 916 S Wabash, 2nd Floor, Chicago, IL, through the end of the summer. There is a box for those who wish to share ‘their baby’: their dreams and desires. For those not in Chicago, please submit your ‘baby’ here.

Photo: Leo Selvaggio

A New Blog

I’ve started new blog, What’s Your Baby? Visitors are invited to share their ‘baby’ : their passion, dream. Part of What’s Your Baby?, an installation that will be at The Fountains Foundation 916 that will be up soon!gilded baby box WEB 2 Please stop by and share your passion!